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My journey into the unknown

There are times that we all must walk a path that we would not have chosen. The duration on this path is often totally unknown. Loneliness, frustration, tears, and a million other emotions can appear at any moment. Also on this path, one can find comfort, encouragement, and a boost of strength to walk a few more steps.

As we walk our journey, we don't always get to decide what path we'll be on or whom we will meet along the way. Our family has needed to traverse a dark and difficult path. Yet throughout this journey, many people have come along side for a few steps, or for many miles.

We lost my best friend, the love of my life. and the mother to our wonderful son on August 10th, 2021.  Since that time, Ezekiel and I have taken a different path than the one we thought we'd be on.  It hasn't been an easy path, but somehow knowing we aren't alone has given us the strength to continue.

My goal is to help you and be that encouragement while you are on your path.  I want to be there, encouraging you and helping you fore ahead when the darkness or uncertainty clouds your vision.  Whatever you've gone through, or are going through, let's traverse this unknown path together!

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