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Welcome to Traversing The Unknown.  I believe that each one of us is one a unique journey.  Life and circumstance often throws us off of the path that we had created for our journey.  We are now thrust into a dark and unknown area where we need to continue our journey.  My goal is to help you Traverse this unknown area and not only survive, but thrive.

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Traversing the Unknown

There are times that we all must

walk a path that we would not have chosen. The duration on this path is often totally unknown. Loneliness, frustration, tears, and a million other emotions can appear at any moment. Also on this path, one can find comfort, encouragement, and a boost of strength to walk a few more steps.

Recently, a dear friend took this picture. She was there for years with encouragement along our journey with

Ezekiel, as was another dear friend who joined us today. Their strength and encouragement was needed then, as it was again today.

As we walk our journey, we don't always get to decide what path we'll be on or whom we will meet along the way. For the past several months our family has needed to traverse a dark and difficult path. Yet throughout this journey, many people have come along side for a few steps, or for many miles.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each of you that has messaged, called, sent an encouraging word, and most importantly prayed for Katie, Ezekiel and myself. It hasn't been an easy path, but somehow knowing we aren't alone has given us the strength to continue.

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